Monday, September 19, 2016

On The Contrary: Love To Love You (UK CDM) (Expansion Records, 1996)

Another hidden duo who were active in the mid 90s and marketed as representing "two sides of the woman...Boy femme and female femme." Of U.S. origin (both from Manhattan, NY), the duo - comprised of tomboy Lisa Bass and Girly-girl Rhonda Phillips - was signed to former Shai member Carl "Groove" Martin's R&B label which, for reasons unknown, only ever seemed to have had distribution through Expansion Records in the UK1. They only ever released one single which seems to be the only thing Martin's label ever did although he did have at least one other artist on his roster that went unreleased (coming soon.) I don't know if On The Contrary were ever marketed anywhere else but a CD sampler featuring additional tracks by them was circulated in the U.S. under the title The C-Me Family featuring Erica and On The Contrary (see next post.)

Love To Love You 4:04
Love To Love You (Ass Mova Remix) 6:31
Love To Love You (Acappella) 3:28
Love To Love You (House Mix) 8:06

1. According to a Billboard article from '95, Martin's label originally intended to have major label backing from MCA Records.