Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mystery: It's My Time (2Sistahs Productions, 2006)

This artist is as her name implies, a bit of a mystery. A mishmash of classic, neo and hip hop soul, it was originally released independently in 2006 but has since been picked up by Island Def Jam for digital distribution so I won't be posting any samples here. Not much information to be found but based out of Buffalo, NY as per the inlay.

Many thanks to my good friend Stuart who brought an ORIGINAL copy ;-)

One Sided Love Affair 5:12
Happy In Love 4:06
Say Good Bye 5:13
On My Way 4:39
I Got It 4:37
Love Is Not Suppose To Hurt 5:08
Be Careful 5:49
A Tribute To Moma (Interlude) 2:46
Laid Back Kind Of Love 5:10
Dance With Me ft. Korrie & Curtis 4:13
Love Is (Tyron's Theme) 4:13
It's My Time 4:13
Blessed 4:28