Monday, September 5, 2016

Just Good Friends: Soul Pressure (CD Compilation) (Mission Records, 1995)

Released to compliment Mission's Ghetto Feel compilation in 1993, the above compilation featured a host of brilliant new tracks from the UK underground R&B scene, which - despite being quite overlooked in favor of U.S. productions - was flourishing quite well in the 90s. Some of the artists and groups featured would later go on to achieve some degree of notoriety...Truce, Beverly Knight, Kreuz and of course Jaki Graham. Others seemed to be limited to obscure 12" singles and quite a few can only be found on this compilation only. The above female R&B group sadly is one of the latter ones. From looking at the inlay, they don't even have a label or publishing company behind them. They did the song totally off their own backs and got it featured here.

The More I Try 5:04