Friday, October 14, 2016

Erica: C-Me Family Sampler (Promo EP) (Carl Martin Entertainment, 1996)

According to a Billboard article from '95, the above artist was the first act that former Shai member Carl 'Groove' Martin signed to his then-fledgling label Carl Martin Entertainment, which was originally set up as a sub-label to the already established MCA Records. He signed a 2 million sub-label contract with the label which, for reasons unknown, never went anywhere. One of the acts signed, female duo On The Contrary, later had a single released via Expansion Records in the UK but the above solo singer, to my knowledge, was not released despite being the first act signed to the label in 1995. Unfortunately I know nothing about her but the sound is reminiscent of Davina Bussey and other vocalists like her.

I'm Coming Over 4:28
You Can't Stay 4:16