Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dymz (AKA Spanish Fly): Dymz Need Luv (VLS) (Straight Up Funky Records, 1997)

Rare single by a female musical group which is possibly related to short-lived NYC group Spanish Fly. As Spanish Fly they seemed to have only ever recorded one song Don't Stop which appeared on Red Star Sounds Vol. 1: Soul Searching (2001) and got major label distribution but their earlier stuff - including the above song - seem to be East Coast only releases. Hip Hop soul at its best and many thanks again to Stuart for his rip ;-)

Dymz Need Luv [Hip Hop/R&B ft. Glaze] 4:28
Dymz Need Luv [Insturmental] 4:25
Dymz Need Luv [Vocal] 4:26
Dymz Need Luv [Radio Edit] 3:43