Sunday, February 3, 2019

Delisha Thomas: Can't Stop (VLS) (Blacklisted Records, 1999) (RE-POST)

Early underground recording by Ontario-based singer-songwriter Delisha Thomas who later went on to work with super producer Rodney Jerkins. She has written DeJa Vu by Beyonce and Favorite Girl by Justin Bieber but the above song might sound familiar to some as the original score was also recorded by Filipina-Canadian group Ora. Released at around the same time (1999), I don't know who recorded it first but it was not written by Thomas. Both acts were signed to the same Toronto indie label Blacklisted Records or Blacklisted 4 Lyfe Records which sadly folded before anything further could be released but Ora's entire unreleased album (including the above song) can be found here.

Can't Stop ('U Got Me Hooked' Extended) 5:49
Can't Stop (Kaje Remix) 3:35
Can't Stop (Accapella) 3:03
Can't Stop ('Can I Get A What' Remix) 4:36
Can't Stop ('Can I Get A What' Remix Instrumental) 4:31
Can't Stop (Original Mix) 5:56