Thursday, September 15, 2016

Damozel: You Don't Know Me Like That (Advance) (MCA Records, 2001)

Originally posted back in 2015, Damozel were a then up-and-coming R&B group signed to MCA Records that sadly never made it beyond two singles (You Don't Know Me Like That in 2000 and Everyday's A Party in 2001.) The group - comprised of LA Natives Lisa and Brandy, Denver-based Tashima and Tasha from Indianapolis - was created by another artist Kelli Ball (AKA K-Ball) whose career was also cut short by record labels in the late 90s. The original album here was scrapped after one single but it was subsequently retooled and put back on the roster for the following year. Three of the more in-your-face
tracks (Best Friend, No More and She Don't Love You) were scrapped and replaced with ballads, sexy songs and feel-good jams and the Intro and Outro removed and put at the beginning and end of two other tracks. As per the back inlay, Poke and Tone of the TrackMasters are again mentioned as contributors although I don't exactly know their role. They were possibly songwriters and producers were Amon Flanagan, Designated Hitters, Travon Potts, Willie Briggs, Touch Tone, Dave Hall and Eddie Berkeley. Again, such a shame that this album was scrapped for a second time. It was far superior to Allure's MCA Records debut Sunny Days which was actually released. Many thanks again to Kingwazo for this contribution.

Could I 5:50
You Don't Know Me Like That 4:08
So Fine 5:04
Sunshine 4:24
This Is How We Roll 4:20
Pleasure And Pain 3:32
Disrespectful 5:12
Everyday's A Party 4:01
Trials And Tribulations 4:54
Things You Do 4:57
Give It To Me Straight 4:50
You Don't Know Me like That (Remix) 4:48