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Friday, September 30, 2016

DNA: Remember The Times (Promo VLS) (Dome Records Ltd, 1999)

Courtesy of UK label Dome Records, here is more quality UK R&B and released to promo 12" only in 1999. I was lead to believe that they were an all-female singing group but I think they might be a mixed group of female singers with male rappers/producers. Nonetheless, I don't think they are the same DNA that was popular during the early 90s with their remix of Suzanne Vega's Tom's Diner.

Thanks again to Stuaaart for another amazing contribution ;-)

Remember The Times 4:46
Cant Go Back 4:56
Dangerous Love 4:45
In The Summertime 3:44

Thursday, September 29, 2016

Ora: Demos (200x) (Unreleased) (August Rigo & Khari Dandy)

Following their brief association with Teddy Riley, Filipino-Canadian group Ora continued to record and worked on many songs with Toronto-based producer August Rigo and his associate Khari Dandy. The group grew with their audience, embracing the more uptempo electronic sound that contemporary hip hop and R&B began to take on in the late 2000s but they still stuck to what they did best...sultry slow jams with killer hooks & harmonies. Unfortunately once again none of these great songs ever made it onto an actual album but at least one of them (Unlearn Me) was later given to an awful pop group Rigo was working with at the time...

Sadly the last thing of interest from this very talented and versatile group. Many thanks once again to Rie for allowing me to post.

Happily Ever After [Ft. August Rigo] 3:54
Contagious 3:36
First Love 4:20
Hold My Own 3:19
Midas Touch 3:31
Hard Up 3:44
When I Get Home Tonight 3:33
Far Away 4:31
Not About Love 3:04
I'm Hot [On Fire] 3:50
Rewind [Rated R Version] 4:33
Too Late For Love 4:06


Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Ora: Demos (200x) (Unreleased) (Teddy Riley)

First brought to mention to in my hidden R&B groups of the 90s and 2000s, Ora were an all-Filipina R&B quartet from Toronto, Canada who were active briefly in the late 90s. They released one EP N V So whose only single Quit Stressin' achieved some degree of success in Toronto but sadly their label folded before they could release anything else. They recorded a full album which was at the time tentatively titled Ora...Mismo Right Here, Right Now and due in part to one of the talented ladies Rie in this group, I was able to post to

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Personèlle: Rebound (UK CDS 1 & 2) (LMP Records, 1997)

The second of two singles from 90s UK trio Personèlle, who were signed to a division of jungle/hardcore label Lucky Spin Recordings between 1996-1997. They were a primarily a pop group but incorporated elements of soul, R&B and even Motown into their music. Sadly they only ever released two singles, the R&B-flavored Nearly Missed Your Love and the above release, which is a Motown-inspired number. It's an original song (I believe) but the smooth, soulful remix on disc 2 is vastly superior. Also includes a further remix to their previous song and a b-side cut Good Together, which sounds like something Eternal might've recorded in their hey day. Unfortunately they never released an album - the mid 90s was probably the worst time to be a girl group in the UK - but a cassette sampler featuring some tracks does exist.

Rebound (Radio Edit) 3:41
Rebound (Club Mix) 3:35
Nearly Missed Your Love (R&B Remix) 4:38*
Rebound (Extended Mix) 4:26

Rebound (Soul Cut) 5:00*
Good Together 5:00
Rebound (Nookie Drum & Bass Mix) 6:19

NOTE: If anybody has the following cassette promo and is interested in a trade please contact me here. Lossless or 320 only. Please include all relevant cover scans. Offers for a sale are also welcome.

Monday, September 26, 2016

Infiniti: Will You Be My Baby (UK CDM) (Arista BMG, 1996)

The second single from former indie trio Infinity who after signing to Arista BMG records in 1996 were thereafter known as Infiniti. Sadly once again their time at the label was short-lived and after the above single they were not heard from again. According to an article sourced online, the song made it into the UK top 40 but mostly owing to the popularity of the Spice Girls, 1996 was a bad time to be an all-female singing group in the UK.

Infinity: Tonight (UK CDM) (Bathroom Records, 199x)

Back to the UK stuff with another obscure swing trio you probably haven't heard about before and produced by and featuring British MC Merlin (had two alums on Sire Records in the early 90s.) According to an article in the Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture from 2002, the trio were signed to Warner Bros/Chapell Recordings and worked with Michael Narada Walden but I don't think any of the songs were ever released. Former  backing singers and relations to British swing group Soul II Soul, they later changed their name to Infiniti and released a further single in 1996 titled Will You Be My Baby? via Arista BMG (see next post.)

Tonight (Radio Vocal) 4:16
Tonight (Radio Edit) 3:57
Tonight (Lick My Dub Mix) 5:10
Tonight (Blunted In My Jeep Mix) 5:57

Monday, September 19, 2016

On The Contrary: Love To Love You (UK CDM) (Expansion Records, 1996)

Another hidden duo who were active in the mid 90s and marketed as representing "two sides of the woman...Boy femme and female femme." Of U.S. origin (both from Manhattan, NY), the duo - comprised of tomboy Lisa Bass and Girly-girl Rhonda Phillips - was signed to former Shai member Carl "Groove" Martin's R&B label which, for reasons unknown, only ever seemed to have had distribution through Expansion Records in the UK1. They only ever released one single which seems to be the only thing Martin's label ever did although he did have at least one other artist on his roster that went unreleased (coming soon.) I don't know if On The Contrary were ever marketed anywhere else but a CD sampler featuring additional tracks by them was circulated in the U.S. under the title The C-Me Family featuring Erica and On The Contrary (see next post.)

Love To Love You 4:04
Love To Love You (Ass Mova Remix) 6:31
Love To Love You (Acappella) 3:28
Love To Love You (House Mix) 8:06

1. According to a Billboard article from '95, Martin's label originally intended to have major label backing from MCA Records.

Personèlle: Nearly Missed Your Love (UK CDM) (LMP Records, 1996)

Another hidden group from out the UK with the above trio who were signed to a division of jungle/hardcore label Lucky Spin Recordings between 1996-1997. They were a pop/R&B group in the same vein as Eternal but sadly 1996 was a pretty grim year for music in the British Isles and especially if you were a girl group looking to break out at the same time as the Spice Girls... Naturally they never released an album but a cassette sampler featuring some of the tracks, believe it or not, does exist.

Radio Edit 4:02
Club Mix 4:24
Houthouse Mix 5:23
Acappella 4:32

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Damozel: You Don't Know Me Like That (Advance) (MCA Records, 2001)

Originally posted back in 2015, Damozel were a then up-and-coming R&B group signed to MCA Records that sadly never made it beyond two singles (You Don't Know Me Like That in 2000 and Everyday's A Party in 2001.) The group - comprised of LA Natives Lisa and Brandy, Denver-based Tashima and Tasha from Indianapolis - was created by another artist Kelli Ball (AKA K-Ball) whose career was also cut short by record labels in the late 90s. The original album here was scrapped after one single but it was subsequently retooled and put back on the roster for the following year. Three of the more in-your-face

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Dymz (AKA Spanish Fly): Dymz Need Luv (VLS) (Straight Up Funky Records, 1997)

Rare single by a female musical group which is possibly related to short-lived NYC group Spanish Fly. As Spanish Fly they seemed to have only ever recorded one song Don't Stop which appeared on Red Star Sounds Vol. 1: Soul Searching (2001) and got major label distribution but their earlier stuff - including the above song - seem to be East Coast only releases. Hip Hop soul at its best and many thanks again to Stuart for his rip ;-)

Dymz Need Luv [Hip Hop/R&B ft. Glaze] 4:28
Dymz Need Luv [Insturmental] 4:25
Dymz Need Luv [Vocal] 4:26
Dymz Need Luv [Radio Edit] 3:43

Holly Canada: You Been Mean To Me (VLS) (Funhouse Records, 1995)

Only single from Philly artist Holly Canada and released independently on CD and vinyl in 1995. I know nothing about her but the song featured some input from Chuck Nice, formally of the 80s Philly hip hop trio Three Times Dope.

Many thanks again to Stuart for his rip.

You Been Mean To Me [Extended Mix] 5:28
You Been Mean To Me [Just Holly's Voice] 5:12
You Been Mean To Me [Instrumental] 5:41
You Been Mean To Me [Radio Edit] 4:38

Saturday, September 10, 2016

Mystery: It's My Time (2Sistahs Productions, 2006)

This artist is as her name implies, a bit of a mystery. A mishmash of classic, neo and hip hop soul, it was originally released independently in 2006 but has since been picked up by Island Def Jam for digital distribution so I won't be posting any samples here. Not much information to be found but based out of Buffalo, NY as per the inlay.

Many thanks to my good friend Stuart who brought an ORIGINAL copy ;-)

One Sided Love Affair 5:12
Happy In Love 4:06
Say Good Bye 5:13
On My Way 4:39
I Got It 4:37
Love Is Not Suppose To Hurt 5:08
Be Careful 5:49
A Tribute To Moma (Interlude) 2:46
Laid Back Kind Of Love 5:10
Dance With Me ft. Korrie & Curtis 4:13
Love Is (Tyron's Theme) 4:13
It's My Time 4:13
Blessed 4:28

Nésya: Touch Me (EP) (Done By Hit Media, 200x)

Very first release from Atlanta, GA artist Nésya Shaw who has been active since around 2006. Somewhat like a softer-sounding Beyonce, each song she sings tells a different story and - whether it is lovelorn ballads (The One) or uptempo club joints (B@tch In My Bedroom) - relays real emotion. Mainly mid 2000s vocal R&B in the style of Toni Braxton, Brandy and many others, she released a full-album A Day Late, A Dollar Short in 2009 that was nominated for an IMA (Independent Music Award.)

My regular contributor and good buddy Stuart supplied me with a physical copy but support the artist and buy your own version here

Your Lady 3:11
The One 4:11
Hot Spot 3:36
B**ch In My Bedroom 3:56
Touch Me 5:33

Friday, September 9, 2016

Kyrsten: So In Love (Sotti Records/Rai Trade, 2004)

Independent but very contemporary-sounding release from underground NY artist Kyrsten (Dior) whose vocals - notably her harmonies and melismas - give more than a nod to Beyonce during her Dangerously In Love era. A mixture of early 2000s neo-soul and mellow R&B, I don't know much about her but she was signed and produced by Italian jazz guitarist, producer and songwriter Fabrizio Sotti. She released one single Move With Me which managed to get a feature from Foxy Brown but her above album appears to have only ever been distributed in Europe via Italian label Rai Trade.

Talk To Me 3:16
Move With Me 3:45
Miss You (Skit) 0:14
Weak Inside 4:17
Reminiscing 3:33
All Night 4:23
Gonna Make 3:50
My Own Skin 3:38
Take Me Away 3:33
So In Love 3:26
Move With Me (Hip-Hop Remix) 3:31
Save Me 3:30
Mom Interlude 0:23
Say Goodbye 4:21
Feel Like Making Love 3:55
Outro 1:04
Move With Me (Dancehall Remix) 5:00
Move With Me (Spanish Version) 3:36

Trina The Princess Of Hip Hop: I Got Da Funk! (EP) (Hearsay Records, 1996)

Not to be confused with 2000s rapper Trina, here is a further indie artist from Atlanta, GA that has a smooth, funky sound. She released a full album The Journey in 2000 under her full name Trina Maxwell - it spawned one single Just Groovin' and also included updated versions of some songs off the above EP - but sadly no word on what she is up to nowadays.

I Got Da Funk! 3:46
Tryin' 2 Get My Groove On 4:12
Drop It Down Low 4:57

Alissa: S/T (CDr EP) (Bump-n Entertainment, 199x)

Contributed by my good friend Stu4rt, here's a further demonstration EP from an obscure Chicana artist that unfortunately I know nothing about. Most likely a demo for a local company (Bump'n Entertainment), the phone number on the back gives out LA phone number but there's no other information anywhere. There's no date of pressing but most likely late 90s judging by the smooth R&B sound. 

This Time 4:35
You're Gonna Come Back 4:19
Best Of Friends 5:52

Monday, September 5, 2016

Attitude: Soul Pressure (CD Compilation) (Mission Records, 1995)

Similar to an earlier group I posted Asia Blue, here is a further female group that seems to be exclusive to this compilation only and a blend of soul, jazz and dance. As per the inlay, they were signed to E-Zee Records which was a sub-label of Passion Music Ltd. Sadly while a few other artists from the same label released 12" singles, this act as far as I can tell did not.

(Possibly this group here although I don't know for absolute certain.)

Women's Intuition 5:11

Just Good Friends: Soul Pressure (CD Compilation) (Mission Records, 1995)

Released to compliment Mission's Ghetto Feel compilation in 1993, the above compilation featured a host of brilliant new tracks from the UK underground R&B scene, which - despite being quite overlooked in favor of U.S. productions - was flourishing quite well in the 90s. Some of the artists and groups featured would later go on to achieve some degree of notoriety...Truce, Beverly Knight, Kreuz and of course Jaki Graham. Others seemed to be limited to obscure 12" singles and quite a few can only be found on this compilation only. The above female R&B group sadly is one of the latter ones. From looking at the inlay, they don't even have a label or publishing company behind them. They did the song totally off their own backs and got it featured here.

The More I Try 5:04

Chalant: Slow Motion (CD Compilation) (Passion Music Ltd, 1995)

As well as rare tracks from Serenade, these compilations also had many other productions by obscure groups and artists that most people probably haven't heard of before. On the above compilation, I discovered a further female group that were only ever on two compilations (the above CD and Supreme Soul Vol. 2.) I know nothing about them but the track - their one and only - was produced by Fred Sawyers formally of early 90s duo Jamm. Possibly American but I don't know for absolute certain. Although British in origin, Passion Music Ltd - along with Expansion in the 90s - signed a lot of original U.S. acts as well.

Wait For Me 4:14

Serenade: Unreleased Album (Mission Records, 199x)

Signed to London label Mission Records in the early 90s, Serenade were an all-female R&B quartet who were quietly active between 1993-1995 in the UK. I say quietly with emphasis as sadly you wouldn't have read about them in Smash Hits Magazine or seen them on Top Of The Pops. They were not that well known but were possibly one of the best female-fronted New Jack Swing groups the country ever produced. Unfortunately growing up in the 90s the only option that I thought we really had was Eternal and while Stay was being played on BET