Sunday, August 21, 2016

Shelundia: A Real Woman (Hometown Records, 1998)

Rare R&B and quiet storm soul from the Dallas, TX area and released independently in 1998. Sadly not much is known about the artist Shelundia Cooks but her voice oozes classic soul class. She released a further set in 2001 titled I Love Me which is also worth checking out although takes on a slightly more personal, grittier theme. Unfortunately a further project from 2014 was not released.

Just Believe (Interlude: In) 3:02
A Real Woman 3:47
Love Through The Night 5:45
Touch Me 4:13
Till Forever Come 3:23
Congratulations Baby 4:31
Sittin' Tite 3:32
If You Didn't Want Me 4:18
Definition Of A Real Woman 3:12
Don't Play Me 4:36
Casanova 3:41
Keep It Real 3:41
Fairy Tales 2:59
Children-R-The Future 5:49
Just Believe (Interlude: Out) 2:37