Friday, August 26, 2016

Serenade: Ghetto Feel - Now Who's Got The Rhythm? (CD Compilation) (Mission Records, 1993)

Further music from impressive UK "New Jill Swing" quartet Serenade and exclusive to this Mission Records compilation only along with a bunch of other little-known swing and hip hop acts that you probably haven't heard about. Many of the songs featured were released as obscure 12" singles but it seems only Serenade got a wide release on CD single with Friend Not A Lover in 1993  Quality music that was sadly overlooked in the early 90s in favor of East 17, Eternal and other pop groups like them.

Yinka (Voice Of Reason) - Part Time Lover 4:21*
Da Big Kidz - Bustin Outta Play Pen 4:20
Montage - Get With You Tonight 4:06
Serenade - Friend Not A Lover 4:41
Rhythm Within - You Make Me Feel 4:16**
Serenade - Don't Lead Me On 5:13
Da Big Kidz - Blast From The Past 4:15
Yinka (Voice Of Reason) - Come Correct 4:15
Da Fellas - Tell Me 4:18
Montage - You're The One For Me 4:27
Rhythm Within - The Rhythm Ain't Playin (Hip-Hop Mix) 4:14
Serenade - I Surrender (Hip-Hop Mix) 5:22***

*Later recycled and used for a further scrapped  Serenade song Show Me You Love Me 
**Later recycled and used for a further scrapped Serenade song Only You
****Appears an exclusive mix to this compilation only