Friday, August 26, 2016

Serenade: Friend Not A Lover (UK CDM) (Mission Records, 1993)

When you think of female R&B groups out the UK from the 90s, sadly only one group Eternal comes to mind. Don't get me wrong, I very much enjoyed most of what they did but they were pretty much a pop group in comparison to the above quartet who were signed to London label Mission Records in the early 90s. When Eternal hit the big time in 1993, the above group were competing for a small piece of the action with the above release but sadly went unnoticed. They had behind them some of the best R&B & New Jack Swing producers that the UK had to offer: Jazz Black (later went on to produce for Hinda Hicks) and Rhythm Within (Lateef Oluwa & Sikiru Oluwa.) Sadly you won't read about any of them in Wikipedia; they don't even have much of a Discogs entry, but they deserved to be up there with Teddy Riley for the work that they did with this group and other artists like them in the early 90s. Unfortunately it seems that most of their work was limited only to a few obscure singles and little-known compilations. As for Mission Records, they only ever released one full-length album by an American artist alas Father MC - This Is For The Players (1993.)

Originally featured on the following compilation Ghetto Feel: Now Who's Got The Rhythm? (1993)

Radio Mix 3:48
R&B Mix 4:43
Hip Hop Mix 4:50
Dub Vocal Mix 3:58
Sweet Mercy Mix 7:19
Bush Beat Mix 4:41