Sunday, August 28, 2016

Montage: In The City (UK CDM) (Polydor, 1997)

The second of two singles from UK R&B trio Montage who originally started out in the early 90s on a New Jack Swing compilation. The original song initially served as b-side to their previous single "There Ain't Nothing Like The Love" and bore a slight resemblance to TLC's style - especially on the hook. Although they pretty much had all the odds stacked against them - 1997 was an even worse year for music when The Spice Girls continued to make it to number one  - they must've done something right as they were (to my knowledge) the first British group ever to work with Jermaine Dupri. Sadly they never went on to release anything else and the album that was mentioned for the end of 1996 never materialized. Along with Serenade, they remain a group strictly for collectors.

NOTE: The b-side is a quasi-instrumental with the group singing only on the hook and features UK producer Linslee Campbell on the talkbox. I cannot say if it was recorded for their album or not.

In The City (Radio Edit) 4:24
In The City (So So Def Atlanta Mix) 3:57
In The City (So So Def Atlanta Dub) 3:56
Dancefloor featuring Linslee Campbell 4:17