Saturday, August 27, 2016

Montage: Ghetto Feel - Now Who's Got The Rhythm? (CD Compilation) (Mission Records, 1993)

Also from the Mission Records compilation, an additional female swing trio from the early 90s who were way better than anything you might've read about in Smash Hits Magazine. They were produced by the same people behind Serenade but had a slightly more dance-orientated sound. Sadly they never made it off this compilation although they did re-emerge in 1996 signed to Polydor Records (see next post.)

Yinka (Voice Of Reason - Part Time Lover 4:21
Da Big Kidz - Bustin Outta Play Pen 4:20
Montage - Get With You Tonight 4:06
Serenade - Friend Not A Lover 4:41
Rhythm Within - You Make Me Feel 4:16
Serenade - Don't Lead Me On 5:13
Da Big Kidz - Blast From The Past 4:15
Yinka (Voice Of Reason) - Come Correct 4:15
Da Fellas - Tell Me 4:18
Montage - You're The One For Me 4:27
Rhythm Within - The Rhythm Ain't Playin (Hip-Hop Mix) 4:14
Serenade - I Surrender (Hip-Hop Mix) 5:22