Friday, September 9, 2016

Kyrsten: So In Love (Sotti Records/Rai Trade, 2004)

Independent but very contemporary-sounding release from underground NY artist Kyrsten (Dior) whose vocals - notably her harmonies and melismas - give more than a nod to Beyonce during her Dangerously In Love era. A mixture of early 2000s neo-soul and mellow R&B, I don't know much about her but she was signed and produced by Italian jazz guitarist, producer and songwriter Fabrizio Sotti. She released one single Move With Me which managed to get a feature from Foxy Brown but her above album appears to have only ever been distributed in Europe via Italian label Rai Trade.

Talk To Me 3:16
Move With Me 3:45
Miss You (Skit) 0:14
Weak Inside 4:17
Reminiscing 3:33
All Night 4:23
Gonna Make 3:50
My Own Skin 3:38
Take Me Away 3:33
So In Love 3:26
Move With Me (Hip-Hop Remix) 3:31
Save Me 3:30
Mom Interlude 0:23
Say Goodbye 4:21
Feel Like Making Love 3:55
Outro 1:04
Move With Me (Dancehall Remix) 5:00
Move With Me (Spanish Version) 3:36