Sunday, August 28, 2016

Kleshay: Rush (UK CDM) (Jerv Records/Epic, 1999)

The last of two singles from Honeyz sister group Kleshay and released in 1999. As with their previous single I don't think it had much impact on the charts at all - going up against the Honeyz, All Saints and The Spice Girls was never going to be easy - and shortly after they were dropped by their record label. Personally, I think the label made a mistake in releasing one of the more poppy songs they recorded as the second single as the group's album Triodaysde had many potential R&B singles on it. Sadly Rush wasn't one of them and they were not a pop group. Regardless it seemed that their label was keen to take them in this direction rather than put their talents to good use.

Full Circle (Almost.) Soon after the two groups reunited again when members of each (cousins Alani Gibbon from Kleshay and Celena Cherry from the Honeyz) joined together to form yet another short-lived duo Anotherside in 2003. Unfortunately once again their talents were wasted on pop music.

Rush 3:41
Rush (Full Crew Remix) 4:33
Rush (Full Crew Instrumental Mix) 4:35
Rush (O.D.Hunte Street Level Remix 4:48