Sunday, August 21, 2016

Karisma: Demo (Promo CDr ) (2001)

I first brought mention to this group back last year and hot on the tail of a previous group I posted For Eternity. Both were from Chicago and had been under the wing of local, now-defunct management company High Velocity Entertainment along with a handful of others in the early 2000s. Both were R&B groups looking to ride the wave created by Destiny's Child and others like them but the above group was the more poppy out of the two and featured production from Chicago music legend Maurice Joshua. I posted a sampler of their proposed album Turn It Up here but here is an earlier
demonstration in full and featuring many alternative tracks & takes that never made the final cut. Unbeknownst to me, I posted some of these demos back in April under the artist title Nay-La but it seems they are the same group. A blend of urban pop and smooth ballads, it is pretty much along the same lines as the finished product but all of the tracks are full-length. Along with For Eternity, a free Tripod page was created for them and still exists. It can be accessed here and - although no longer updated - features pictures and information about the group whose names were Tina, Jessi, Kelly and Jenny. It seems they were in the process of working on new music and a new song Dreaming In The Dark still remains for preview there.

Thanks again to Stuart for yet another amazing contribution. I would also like to point out that he owns the ORIGINAL DISC of this (above) and anybody else purportin' to have it also has a burned copy. Just sayin'.

It's All About Me 4:10*
No Need 4:09**
Reflections 5:43*
Can't Stop 4:08
Move Along 4:18
Everybody Dance 3:37
I Want To Be The One 3:44
Love Will Bring Us Together 3:55
Hypnotized 4:49
Running Out Of Time 3:46**
Can I Be The One 4:22

*Also included on Turn It Up.
**Also included on the following EP