Monday, September 26, 2016

Infinity: Tonight (UK CDM) (Bathroom Records, 199x)

Back to the UK stuff with another obscure swing trio you probably haven't heard about before and produced by and featuring British MC Merlin (had two alums on Sire Records in the early 90s.) According to an article in the Companion to Contemporary Black British Culture from 2002, the trio were signed to Warner Bros/Chapell Recordings and worked with Michael Narada Walden but I don't think any of the songs were ever released. Former  backing singers and relations to British swing group Soul II Soul, they later changed their name to Infiniti and released a further single in 1996 titled Will You Be My Baby? via Arista BMG (see next post.)

Tonight (Radio Vocal) 4:16
Tonight (Radio Edit) 3:57
Tonight (Lick My Dub Mix) 5:10
Tonight (Blunted In My Jeep Mix) 5:57