Sunday, August 14, 2016

Fundisha: Lessons (Promo CDr) (Columbia, 200x)

Formally only ever being in possession of the sampler, I am now pleased to own the entire album in HQ thanks to kingwazo :-) "Y'all know who this is..." Aborted project from Jermaine Dupri's first ever solo female artist Fundisha (Johnson) who first came to prominence as a featured vocalist for rap artist Bow Wow in 2001. A mixture of neo and hip hop soul, her style was a new direction for Dupri who had mostly spent
the 90s immersed in the pop rap scene and for his So So Def remixes of popular hits by Mariah Carey, Usher and others. No stranger to contemporary R&B either, in 1993, he founded the R&B quartet Xscape and thus began his decade-long stint as the producer of choice for artists such as TLC, Monica Arnold and many, many more. Sadly the above project was never to see the light of day despite high praises from Dupri; it was shelved after only one single and she was not one of the ones he took to his new home at Arista the following year. Regardless he did a fantastic job producing it, possibly in junction with Bryan Michael Cox although I am not 100% certain. No date of issuance on this CDr - pressed by Whitfield Street Studios out the UK - but guessing probably 2002 or 2003.

Intro 2:08
You Make Me 2:52
Black 3:49
Never Taught, Never Told 5:03
Party Joint 3:54
Gotta Be Me 4:52
Married Man 4:37
Live The Life 3:46
Wanna Be (Intro) 0:43
Wanna Be 3:38
Commitment Interlude 1:02
Pull A Left Eye 3:59
Daddy 4:15
Lessons 4:42
Dont Judge Me 3:19