Sunday, August 7, 2016

Anita Jahshana: S/T (Promo CDr) (Self-Released, 2004)

Rare demonstration CDr from an independent Chicago artist who released an album in 1995 under the moniker "Yetta." The release/pressing date is from 2004 but I am guessing that the date on the disc is probably not the date of recording as it contains some of the same tracks, including a cover of UK artist Michelle Gayle's 1994 hit Sweetness (which was written and produced in part by Narada Michael Walden.) Most of the other tracks appear to be unreleased demos, possibly from the recording of her album although I am not 100% certain. The feel of most are very old skool.

Thanks again to Stuart for sharing this rarity. A 4alldarnb and Jewel Case Heaven exclusive only!

Make Love Tonight 3:43
Don't Go Nowhere 3:32
My Place 3:05
Pouring Like Rain 4:54
Try My Love 4:43
Love Or Nothing At All 3:59*
Pray 5:03
Sunshine 3:49
Sweetness 5:23

*By jazz vocalist Al Jarreau and not Jahshana as per the label of the disc. The track is taken from his 1988 album Heart's Horizon.