Wednesday, August 24, 2016

5th Power: I Gotta Know (CDM) (Giant Records, 1994)

Further Latina R&B with this 5-piece New Jack Swing-type group from 1994. Of all the Latina groups tying to break into the mainstream R&B scene back then, I think this one probably showed the most promise but unfortunately as with the previous quartet, they never went beyond this one single. I guess it didn't help being signed to the same label as the platinum-selling R&B group Jade. A further song by them No Intermission appears on the Beverly Hills 90210: The College Years soundtrack but sadly never saw a proper release.

Quiero Saber (Spanish Version) 4:34
I Gotta Know (Spanglish Version) 4:04
I Gotta Know (English Version) 4:39
I Gotta Know (Remix) 5:04
I Gotta Know (Spanglish Remix) 4:03