Thursday, July 14, 2016

Proven Innocent: And Then There Were 2 (First Priority Music, 1992)

From Staten Island, NY, here's a further R&B duo that went nowhere in the early 90s and was signed to Atlantic Records at the same time as a previous act I posted M&M (they were both mentioned in a Billboard article from late 1992.) While M&M were more New Jack Swing, the above act was more rap/hip hop based. Combining this with R&B/soul vocals, they were not dissimilar to some of the other groups previously mentioned here who were signed to Ichiban's Wrap Records in the early 90s such as The Flyy Girlz and Eve. Sadly in the same fashion as M&M, after one single and the above album they disappeared completely but did make a rather low-key reappearance two years later where they reinvented themselves as a thug rap duo.

I'm Not The One 4:13
Attitude 4:44
U Gets None 3:42
For The Lover In You 5:54
You're The One 4:12
Mental 4:46
Run Around 4:34
Flirt 4:18
I Don't Want To Waste My Time 4:10
Practice What You Preach 4:00
Shout Out Song 5:15