Wednesday, July 13, 2016

NV: Tell Me (VLS) (Bring It On Records, 200x)

More top quality UK R&B without 2-Step or eurodance influences...Another very obscure girl group that has appeared on a few UK-only compilations. Outside of this they released two vinyl-only singles via a small U.S. label, including the above cover of Groove Theory's 1995 original Tell Me. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about them; they appeared to be produced by UK musicians but their label was based out of Washington DC. Other than that, they appear to have been influenced by Destiny's Child, especially on the b-side.

Big thanks again to Stuart for the contribution.

12" Single
Tell Me [Radio Edit] 3:48
Tell Me [Remix] 4:21
Keep On Pushing [Album Version] 3:44
Tell Me [Accapella] 3:43

Tell Me [Full Crew/Wiz Da Kid Mix] 3:51
Tell Me [Killaloop Mix] 4:39
Tell Me [Killaloop Mix Instrumental] 4:37