Sunday, July 10, 2016

NKRU: Computer Love (Promo CDM) (Kaper Records, 1993)

Another short-lived girl group from the glory days and signed to a division of RCA Records in 1993. Their name an acronym for "Naughty Kreations R Unified", they were known for their cover of Zap & Roger's 1985 hit Computer Love, which was released as a double-A side with Seis Nueve in 1993. Somebody once described TLC as having bitten off of their swagger but this quartet - also employing the use of a rapper - actually came a year afterwards.Unfortunately they never released anything else but about a year later Kaper Records had some degree of success with Blackgirl. As for RCA Records, a similar group Ladeez 1st were also on their roster at around the same time and also went nowhere (see post coming up.)

Computer Love (Radio Edit) 4:04
Computer Love (Album Version) 4:31
Computer Love (Instrumental) 4:30