Monday, July 11, 2016

M&M: Get Ta Know Ya Betta (Atlantic, 1992)

Formally two thirds of the late 80s R&B trio Abstrac', this duo put out a killer swingbeat album in '92 as M&M (an acronym for their first name initials Marcy and Mary.) Sounding like it was produced by new jack impresario Teddy Riley, it was actually produced by Herb Middleton and spawned two singles Talk To Me and the title track Get Ta Know Ya Betta before it was quickly forgotten about. It was poorly promoted by Atlantic, as was an album by a similar duo at around the same time Proven Innocent (coming soon.) Strong vocalists to boot, it is such a shame but even back then I guess folks just weren't ready for something that wasn't watered-down pop music...

Feel No Shame 4:42
We're Falling Apart 4:27
Talk To Me 4:09
Never Let Me Go 4:17
My Way 4:41
Get Ta Know Ya Betta 4:12
Losin' Control 4:51
If I Give My Love To You 4:59
Go On 5:11
You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling 5:25