Thursday, July 14, 2016

Love² (Love-Square): Everything [JP Retail] (Cutting Edge, 2000)

From Jaki Graham to UK R&B quartet First Class, Japanese label Cutting Edge did good in the mid 90s and early 2000s with picking up quality Western acts who were previously unknown anywhere else. Some were ex-pats while a few were previously on major labels such as RCA and had their contracts brought out when they failed to make an impact in their home countries. The above duo fits the former category I believe. From what I could translate from the Japanese-language booklet, both vocalists were U.S. ex-pats living in Tokyo, Japan. Both were former session singers and the fair-skinned girl in particular worked with Run DMC in the early 90s. Though it was released in 2000, their album - a mixture of neo soul and urban pop - was originally recorded in 1998.

Intro 1:16
If I May Be... 4:21
Storm 5:45
Higher 4:34
Been Around The World 4:07
Care For Me 5:22
Everything(I See) 4:42
Fairytale 4:25
Choosy Lover 5:07
I'm So Tired 4:35
You Can't Forget 5:31
Outro 3:29
If I May Be(T.Kura Extended Mix) 5:31
If I May Be(Mastro T's Anthem Mix) 4:35