Monday, July 11, 2016

Harem: S/T (Motown, 1995)

Another group that I know nothing about, this time on Motown Records in 1995. There are two ladies on the front cover but the group is actually a quartet and the genre of music could be best described as mostly a very lush, ambient mix of new jack swing, freestyle and smooth R&B. It spawned two singles Is This What You Want and All U Need which seemed to be promotional only. As with later groups that also went nowhere Shades (1997) and Her Sanity (2002), they probably weren't given the greatest amount of exposure. Other than 702 in the late 90s/early 2000s, I can't recall a single other female R&B group on Motown and later Universal Motown that actually went anywhere.

Fantasy Woman - Harem's Theme 3:53
Harem's Theme Interlude 1 0:33
Desert Night 3:58
My World Is Empty Without You 4:55
Harem's Theme Interlude 2 0:28
Is This What You Want 4:30
I Just Want You 4:19
Harem's Theme Interlude 3 0:25
All That U Need 4:05
U Can't Talk To Me 4:00
Harem's Theme Interlude 4 0:51
Come On Baby 3:59
Harem's Theme 3:28