Thursday, July 28, 2016

Cerah: For The Sake Of Love (Dunmore Music Promotions, 1994)

From University Park, IL, another hidden modern soul gem that somehow got lost in the jazz category. The CD is not really jazz but more quiet storm soul with two tracks of club/house music (4, 11.) I don't know anything about the artist or label but the title song For The Sake Of Love was originally a cover of the Isley-Jasper-Isley song of the same name.

Prologue 0:44
Holding Out 5:00
365-24-7 5:10
Ooh Qui (Club Dance Version) 9:35
Love To You 5:51
Not Like This 3:28
Everlasting Love 8:06
For The Sake Of Love (Jazz Version) 5:56*
For The Sake Of Love (Vocal Version) 5:57
Epilogue 0:53
Ooh Qui (Basketball Version) (Bonus Track) 4:35

*Instrumental version