Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Asia Blue: Escaping (Promo Cassette) (A&M, 199x)

Shelved by A&M Records in the early 90s, a further short-lived female trio that was the brainchild of veteran British singer-songwriter/producer Barry Blue. They released three singles in 1992: Connect, Boy In The Moon and Escaping, the final two of which were covers of earlier songs by New Zealand pop star Margaret Urlich in the 80s (to some people, the latter song might sound familiar as it served as a minor hit for UK vocalist Dina Carroll in 1996.) A blend of soul, dance and jazz, their sound was uniquely British as apposed to the Americanized New Jack Swing sound employed by later popular groups such as Eternal. Unfortunately it was mostly lost on the British public and their debut LP - originally slated for release in 1993 - was shortly after shelved by the label. Sadly they were one of many British R&B groups who were overlooked in the decade to come.

Boy In The Moon 4:35
Corners Of The World 4:12
Escaping 5:18
Burnin' Flame 4:55
I Want The Right (To Be Wrong) 4:02
Connect 4:36
Hope 4:23
Up To Me 4:35
Lies (You Think I'm A Fool) 3:05
The Journey 2:10