Monday, July 11, 2016

ADT: A Different Taste (Technique Records, 1994)

Mixing dope modern soul, Motown and New Jack Swing, another independent group that most people probably haven't heard of until now. From Waco, TX, their album spawned two singles, the Isley Brothers' cover For The Love Of You and Make A Move but sadly I don't know how much of a wide release any of it actually got. They appear to be the only artist in the label's catalog and there is nothing about them online anywhere (and it's unfortunate to boot that their name is the same as a popular U.S. home security company...)

4 Ever Yours 4:55
Satisfaction Guaranteed 4:55
Second Chance 6:01
Making Love 4:38
Make Me Feel The Heat 5:17
As We Live On 6:53
Someone Like You 5:50
Give Me Back Your Loving 4:25
This Time 5:53
Baby Come Back To Me 5:16
You Got It 6:42
Make A Move 4:27
For The Love Of You 6:19
Is My Microphone On 0:29