Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Rob Jones: Only 4 U (Trackz Inkorporated Music, 200x)

More independent R&B out of Chi-town with Rob Jones, who sadly I know nothing about but appears to have been helped in part by Oprah Winfrey as per the inlay. No date of release but guessing early to mid 2000s as per the neo-R&B sound.

Just remember where you heard it first.

Only 4 U (Intro) 1:49
That's Why I Love U 3:20
Gonna Last 4:33
All Night 4:01
Motion In The Ocean 4:39
Shake It 3:56
New Millennium Dime 3:36
Like This 3:38
Miss The Way 3:52
I Remember 5:20
Just Hold On 3:15
That's Why I Love U (Remix) 5:03*

*Actually a remix of track 3 and not 2