Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Out Uv Kontrol: S/T (Wrap Records, 1993)

Classic female rap before the era of explicit lyrics: a last minute addition to my ever-growing library of obscure female groups from the 90s, beginning with this new jack swing/hip hop/bass trio from Atlanta, GA. Primarily rap with male backing vocals, it spawned four singles but only one "Woot, There It Is" ever made it to a mainstream release.

Thanks again to Stuart for providing me with this rip. 

R U With Me 3:29
Ooh Baby 5:21
Backstabbers 4:06
Baby, I'm Ready 4:28
Whoot, Here It Is 4:19
You're Gonna Miss My Loven 4:44
Coast To Coast 3:01
Give It Up 3:46
Why Lie 3:53
You Betta Check Your Boyfriend 3:15
Shouts Out 3:53

Originally released in 1993 but has since been re-issued digitally.