Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Eve: In The Beginning (The Music Store, 1993)

More rap/new jack swing from Ichiban Records and from Columbus, OH. It spawned two raunchy singles "Don't Stop It" and "Funk Me" which both played on MTV during the late night hours when censorship was at its worst. Featuring veteran R&B and house vocalist Tommie Cotton as Princess T.

Thanks again to Stuart for his rip.

Funk Me 4:43
Get Wet 4:12
I Wanna Do (something nasty) 5:01
Unconditional Groove 0:43
Romance 101 5:29
Breastisisssss 1:15
Games 3:15
Let Me C-U-Jam 4:08
Rain 5:32
Runnin' Over Me 4:41
Gimme the Skull! 1:40
So Physical 4:58
So Physical (rap) 4:29
Condom Grooves 1:21
Funk Me (deep version) 4:11
Don't Stop It 4:40