Monday, April 11, 2016

Syleena Johnson: Love Hangover (Twilight Records, 1998)

Before she began writing the chapters of her life, not many people know that Johnson was already a fledgling vocalist in the underground. Between 1995 and 1998 she had already released two albums via independent labels; the first - released in 1995 - was a joint effort between herself and her father, blues musician Syl Johnson, while the second - her official debut - was released in 1998. Both CDs contained modern but true-to-form takes on classic soul songs but her debut especially was a tour de force, containing electrifying & ethereal renditions of Love Hangover, Baby I'm Scared Of You, So Confused and other rare soul gems. She is as she always was: the queen of modern soul. Currently out-of-print and unavailable digitally, many thanks once again to my good buddy Stuart for an ORIGINAL COPY ;-)

Baby I'm Scared Of You 5:58
Love Hangover 4:27
Extac 5:05
Can't Get Over You 4:22
It Don't Matter 5:36
Keep Holding On 4:07
So Confused 5:17
You're Not The Man 5:34
Please Don't Stop 5:54
Touch Me Tonight 5:20