Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Melanie Rutherford: You've Got Mel (Flawless Records, 2004)

Rare first release from Pontiac, Michigan's Melanie Rutherford who started out in the biz as a backing vocalist for Redman, Erick Sermon, Keith Murray and others. Despite her start in rap and hip hop music, she chose neo-soul as her niche and has thus far released two full-length albums between 2004-2007. Sadly the above release - a mixture of chilled R&B and dreamy neo soul - is long out of print but her later album Relationships In My Own Words can still be found on CDBaby.

Intro 1:07
Ain't The Same 3:35
It's Crazy 4:01
He Never Knew 4:09
Breathe 3:15
Love Like This 4:18
Where Ever You Are 3:32
Season's Change 3:15
Mamma Cita 3:38
Street's Be Callin 3:57
Unpredictable 4:11
Sea Of Deception 3:55
Outro 3:35