Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Kristine: Tenderness (J-Town Records, 1998)

Modern soul and R&B from Texas native Kristine Trigg which enjoyed some Billboard success in the late 90s. Released via the Maleco imprint of J-Town Records (Tina, Tonya) it spawned one single I'll Hurt You (JTD 2326) which made it into Billboard's Hot R&B & Hip Hop Songs chart in August, 1998. Possibly the only release from this very obscure label that isn't out of print, it's available to download on Amazon. Trigg is now one of the many who have moved their base of operations to CDBaby and her latest work can be found here.

I Need A Little Tenderness 4:21
I'll Hurt You 5:00
Move On 6:18
It's A Bell Thang ft. Dexter Stanley 3:49
I Can Do Lonely 4:51
My Love 3:55
Too Weak To Walk Away 5:05*
Your Used To Be 4:29
Candy 4:26
Don't Know You 4:28
I'm Still Feeling You 4:17
I Need A Little Tenderness [Bonus Cut] 5:05

*Samples and uses interpolations from Boyz II Men's 1991 song End Of The Road 

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