Sunday, March 6, 2016

K-D-Star: Are You Creepin' What's Goin' On (EP) (Grooveathon Jam's, 1997)

Another CD that cannot be found anywhere online. It's not for sale anywhere and certainly nobody has it on You Tube. I know nothing about the artist or the label Grooveathon Jam's but they were based out of Louisville, KY. Containing 2 main tracks with the title track as the b-side, the style is mainly southern R&B with funk and hip hop influences. 

In Love With A Playa 4:12
Da Conversation 4:14
Playa Groove Da Dance (Instr.. 4:17
Are You Creepin Whats Goin On 5:19
Are You Creepin Whats Goin O.. 5:18