Sunday, May 15, 2016

F.I.Y.A.: A Woman's World (X-Ray Records, 2004)

Another early 2000s R&B group that went nowhere, this time having a DC meets 50 sort of vibe. An acronym for Fine, Intelligent, Young & Ambitious, the trio - from New York City - were active between 2004-2005. I don't know how much of a wide release the above album got but according to their Sound Click page, their debut album was to be called How U Want It (2005.) Whether the above album was to be re-tooled or scrapped altogether, I cannot say but thus far it is out-of-print and unavailable digitally.  

Many thanks again to Nik for the heads up on this ;-)

Intro - Like U Do 0:44
Fo Sure 3:51
Made U Look 3:38
Shake Dat Azz 3:32
Dance Wit Me 4:00
How U Want It Featuring Gift 3:57
Confused Featuring Gift 3:52
Neva Seen A Man Cry 4:21
He's Urs Featuring L.P. 4:22
X-Thing 4:14
Not Gon' Chase U Featuring Jahsir 6:42
No More 4:10
Outro - Still Crazy 6:15
Fo Sure (Remix) Featuring Rip Boundz And Gift 3:49