Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Cree (Ex-RAW): The Definition Of A Woman (Pitch Black Entertainment, 2003)

Introducing the amazing debut CD from Chicago vocalist Cree, who was formally one third of the R&B group RAW in the mid 90s. The trio - who were signed to a small indie label - were not very well known and released only one EP Turn Off The Lights in 1996. Their single is extremely hard to find but if you've ever been lucky enough to listen to the tracks you'll hear a similar smooth sound experience here. Sadly the album is not an easy one to find; I don't believe that it is a demo but it is certainly a local pressing only. The production is straight up amazing - I expected nothing less from this classy lady - but unfortunately a few of the tracks (3, 6, 7, 11 & 13) are not in full stereo sound.

Intro 0:55
I Can Be The 1 3:58
Feel Like A Woman 3:53
Full Time Lovin' 4:33
Mr. Lover 4:44
Can't Eat Can't Sleep 5:03
French Kiss 4:02
Can't Live ft. To-Bar 4:51
Urban Beauty 5:04
Room 504 3:56
Pimpstress 3:37
No Cuttin' Me ft. Ama-zon 3:40
Do Thae Thang ft. Ama-zon 4:08
(I Got A) Secret 4:05