Friday, May 13, 2016

3 Series: Your Life (CDM) (Pop Life Music Inc., 2000)

A further DC-like group from the early 2000s that sadly never went anywhere. From Brooklyn, NY, I don't think they ever released a full album but a music video was made for this song and can be viewed here. I don't know what became of the actual group but two members Tiffany Alexander and Serena McKinney later won 1st place in a UPN sitcom/reality show/music competition in 2004. The grand prize was an opportunity to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis but I don't know if that ever happened. They have since gone on to form a new duo called PulL but aside from a few You Tube videos they still appear to be pretty underground. Not even on from what I can gather.

Rip Hop Clean 3:58
R & B Clean 4:37
Rip Hop Dirty 3:57
R & B Dirty 4:37
R & B Instrumental 4:38
Acapella 4:11