Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Velosity: It's Like This, It's Like That (EP) (Trianta Records, 1990)

A further obscure item from the south, this time an old skool hip hop and R&B duo from Atlanta, GA. Sadly I know absolutely nothing about them or the other people involved but the main track, which appears to feature an unaccredited sample from Rufus & Chaka Khan's 1982 hit Ain't Nobody, is very upbeat while the B-side is more of a slow jam. Both are mostly golden age hip hop though the B-side does feature some vocals as well. 

Like This, Like That (Vocal) 3:12
Like This, Like That (Instrumental) 3:40
Do You Wanna Go (Vocal) 3:50
Do You Wanna Go (Instrumental) 3:21