Sunday, April 24, 2016

Nay-La (AKA Karisma): Runnin' Outta Time (Promo EP) (Sound Factory Studios, 200x)

A further demo from another Chi-Town artist that I know nothing about. There is no recording date (I don't know for certain but I believe the number 6-9-22 at the bottom is some sort of reference number) but the sound is early 2000s urban pop much in the same vein as this group here. Presumably a solo singer "Nay-La" but at times there sounds as if there are two distinct voices singing.

No Need 3:59
Runnin Outta Time (Full) 3:47
Runnin Outta Time (No Ads) 3:47
Runnin Outta Time (Instr) + Hooks 3:45

NOTE: After additional information has come to light, I am now aware that the above artist/group is in fact the Chicago R&B quartet Karisma. Their full demo - featuring the above tracks and more - can be found here.