Wednesday, April 6, 2016

DXP Style: Can You Feel It/You Are My Lady (EP) (Holstick Records & Filmworks, 1992)

A further 90s local release from Atlanta, GA that I know absolutely nothing about. The first track has an uptempo 80s club vibe while the second one is a smooth R&B cut a la Jodeci. There are no pictures but there is more than one person singing so I am inclined to believe this is either a male duo or a group. The  sound is incredibly polished but the record company Holstick Records & Filmworks doesn't appear to exist anywhere outside of this sole release and none of the people involved turn up any leads either. Very obscure R&B.

Just remember where u heard it first.

Can You Feel It - Vocal 4:27
Can You Feel It - Instrumental 4:21
You Are My Lady 3:11