Monday, March 7, 2016

Yoly: Urban Elegance (ION Records, 1997)

Further independent release based out of Huntington Beach, CA and a mixture of reggae, R&B, freestyle, dance and even some rock. The artist got her start as the lead singer of a reggae band before going on to tour with Ike Turner in 1993.1 Her album spawned one single Goldmine 2 and features production from Ex-Rufus drummer and founding member Andre Fischer and LA-based Jamaican musician Shaka Man.3 

Lover Like You 5:35
One Heart 4:28
Warrior Woman 4:01
Good Needle Eye 3:33
Body Music 4:49
Get With This Program 4:29
All My Life 4:19
Hot Like Fire 4:30
Goldmine 3:58
My Baby Needs My Love 3:40
Daddy's Child 4:59
I'll Be Yours Today 4:29