Friday, March 11, 2016

Wild Orchid: Hypnotic (Yellow Brick Records, 2003)

The quite low-key third release from Fergie's former group Wild Orchid and released independently in 2003. As a trio with Ferguson, they released two albums together. A third effort Fire was cancelled in 2001 and following Ferguson's departure from the group in 2002, the two remaining members decided to continue on as a duo. At that time, they were not signed to a major label and the
above album, a mixture of urban and electro pop, was only ever available directly through the group's website. They were hoping it would be picked up by a major label for wider distribution but quite sadly for them it never was. Truthfully, I wouldn't technically class it as R&B but it's a lot less teen-pop than their previous releases which seemed to define them more as the female equivalent of N-Stink. Most of the album seems to lean more towards the electro pop sound that was popular in Europe during the early 2000s but a few tracks wouldn't have sounded out of place on popular R&B albums during their day. None were released to radio and only 5,000 copies of this album were ever printed and sold. It was pretty much forgotten about. Quickly. No tracks appeared on the group's 2006 compilation album Talk To Me: Hits, Gems & Rarities.

Although she was not an active participant in the group, Ferguson did co-write a good many of the songs including Simon Sez, which was originally meant to appear on 2001's Fire. 

Kiss The Sky 3:53
All The Way 2:56
Hypnotic 3:30
It's On 2:44
On The Floor 3:13
My Lover 3:19
Sugarfly 3:01
Simon Sez 3:48
Contagious 3:27
All Night Long 3:31
Love in All Controll 3:01
Let the Record Spin 3:14
Hypnotic(Remix) 4:02

Anybody who owns the original CD promo to the group's unreleased album Fire and is interested in a sale or a trade, please contact me here. Trade in lossless (wav or FLAC) only please. LQ mp3s sourced from the web will NOT be accepted!