Thursday, March 31, 2016

Ron Adams: Love Letter (Self-Released, 2004)

Yet another obscure item found hidden on a popular shopping site, this time a smooth male artist from the south. Unfortunately - despite my best efforts - I cannot find a scrap on information on him. His Myspace page has long been deactivated but the record company Hittin Records was based out of New Orleans, LA. Mainly a mixture of club tracks and super smooth R&B jams in the style of Usher Raymond and others. Very polished production but the disc is basically just a Verbatim inkjet-printable CDr. I don't know if it was ever available on CDBaby or not. If it was, it has now been removed and as of 3/31/2016, any remaining physical copies have sold out also.

Another fine exclusive brought to you by Persnickety...just remember u heard it here first.

Intro 0:53
Nothing But A Party 3:32
Throw Your Hands Up 3:34
Love Letter 5:01
Meet Me In The Middle 4:19
Amazing 4:09
Go Ahead 3:07
Something Beautiful 4:31
Woman Like You 4:33
Year And A Holiday 4:29