Monday, March 14, 2016

Lady J: Sneakin' Love (Strawberry Scan Records, 199x)

First of two releases from Louisiana rhythm and blues artist Charlotte Johnson (AKA Lady J) and released via Baton Rouge label Strawberry Scan Records in the late 90s. There's nothing about her online but according to the inlay card she was formally a member of a quartet called The Minor Tones. Mainly a rhythm and blues record with modern soul and funk elements, she can do contemporary R&B too (True To Love, Strong Like The Wind.) Some tracks later appeared on a subsequent release Missing You (1999) (which does not contain any new material) but sadly both are equally as impossible to find. Also includes 3 bonus tracks by her producer Lee Daniels (Radio Show, Tell Her You Love Her, So Sorry Baby) mixed in randomly. The two latter two are modern soul and blues but Radio Show is smooth R&B to the fullest. Likewise, I don't know anything about him either but he is evidently not the film director...

Another amazing exclusive brought to you by Persnickety...just remember you heard it here first!

Sneakin' Love 3:20
Missing You 3:57
Holding On 2:27
Same Old Bull Shit Handed Down 2:55
Blues Thang 4:05
Stay True To Love 3:57
Radio Show 3:46
Part Time Love 4:25
Damn You 3:13
Believe Me, Baby 3:16
You Ain't Fooling Me 3:11
Caught Up On The Wings Of Love 4:02
Tell Her You Love Her 4:18
I'm A Teaser 3:24
Strong Like The Wind 3:41
Tell Me 3:03
Slide Into 2000 3:24
So Sorry Baby 3:50