Monday, March 21, 2016

Kellee: Kellee-N-Wondaland (Smoker Entertainment, 200x)

Another obscure release that's already been mentioned on a few blogs. There's no information to be found on the singer Kellee Sims and the domain given for her label is now up for sale. I believe she heralds from DC although I am not 100% certain. Mostly contemporary R&B, neo soul and a little blues-rock a la Tracey Chapman. No date of release given but for some reason most people have it tagged as late 90s. However, the mention of the word "crunk" in one song probably puts the release date more in the early 2000s. .

Oooh 1:11
Chemistry 3:17
Outer Space 4:43
Kellee-N-Wondaland 3:44
Move On 4:20
Believe 1:28
Kindergarden Games 3:17
Anutha Girl 3:53
Lil White (Duet with MOTIF) 5:14
IF I Stay 3:07
Love Someone 5:22
Angel 4:54
U R My Everything 4:04
Believe 7:35