Sunday, March 20, 2016

Katrenia: Come Back Home (Finesse Records, 2002)

Early hard-to-find release from Jackson, Mississippi's Katrenia Jefferson and released on a local label Finesse Records in 2002. Jefferson has since gone on to make a name for herself in southern soul scene1 but the above album is still extremely hard to find. Although released in 2002, two songs Since You've Been Gone and Quick Shot were originally recorded and released in 1990. I have no idea if they were re-recorded or not but most of the material on the album could be from either decade. A "powerful songstress from the south", Jefferson knocks socks off of many - if not all - of the contemporary R&B wannabes out there influenced by the greats of yesteryear. This lady is the real deal so if you like the sound of her album, be sure to show your support by buying her latest work & let's keep this sort of music alive.

The above album is currently out of print and unavailable anywhere.

Many thanks again to Stuart for sharing it ;-)

Cause I Love You 7:12
Quick Shot 4:26
Hold ing On 3:51
Since You've Been Gone 3:52
Never Wanna Live Without Your Love 5:25
Sorry Won't Fix It 5:18
Come Back Home 5:14
I Got A thang For You 6:14
The Man For Me 4:28
Chance of A Lifetime 6:12
Thank You Lord 2:00