Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Ina: S/T (Sovereign Records, 2004)

Found hidden on a certain popular shopping site, further indie R&B from Arlington, Texas. The singer Ina mostly appears to be a contemporary Christian artist although her music leans more towards hip hop rather than gospel. Predominantly very upbeat with much input from Tilden Dexter, currently a member of the DC hip hop outfit Sunset Terr along with the other featured artist LK (Lawrence King.) Unfortunately I don't know much about Ina but you can learn more about Dexter and King here.

Just remember you heard it here first.

Intro Joint 1:01
The Take Over (With Tilden Dexter) 4:07
Free 2:39
Get Ready (with Tilden Dexter) 3:19
Let It Go 3:46
Simple Pleasures 4:04
Moments Of Decisions (Remix) (with Tilden Dexter) 2:50
Sistas 3:21
It's Your Life (with LK) 3:21
Feel The Power (Ina & Tilden Dexter) 4:28
Baby Doll (featuring artist LK) (Bonus Track) 4:44
Bye Bye (with Tilden Dexter) (Bonus Track) 4:32
Free (Remix) 2:49
Moments Of Decisions 3:02
Outro Joint 1:15