Friday, February 26, 2016

Eunique: Free Your Mind (Ghani Music, 1995)

Sole album from Oakland, CA duo Eunique and originally released via their father's label Ghani Music in 1995. Unfortunately I can't tell you anything about them but they sound like a slightly stripped down version of En Vogue-meets-the-Mary Jane Girls. Although quite underground, this album was obviously popular enough to warrant a re-release in 1998.

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Free Your Mind 2:40
I Just Called To Tell You 3:36
I Like 3:03
Puppy Love 3:27
Y 3:56
Hook Me Up 3:06
I Need A Little More 3:40
Devotion [ft. Mike Marshall] 3:52
Been A Long Time 4:00
Let Go Out Tonite 3:54
Love Is Beautiful 3:36
Sister Friend 3:16
Here We Go Again 4:20
Love Shine 3:34
World 3:03
I Like [Remix ft. Milkman] 3:35*

*not on the 1995 version